A Meeting of the Imaginations

9780547821849_hresFrida and Diegeo: Art, Love, Life
By Catherine Reef
(Clarion, 2014, New York, $18.99)

The most famous twentieth-century Mexican artists, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera also conducted one of art history’s most celebrated romances. Their highly distinctive painting styles, radical politics, Frida’s unusual beauty, her chronic health problems, Diego’s larger-than-life ego, and their explosive, unconventional marriage made their pairing the stuff of legend.

In Frida and Diego: Art, Love, Life, Catherine Reef tells the artists’ intertwining stories. She transports readers from the elite Mexico City high school where Kahlo and her friends played pranks to bohemian Paris where a young Rivera honed his craft to Detroit, where the married couple marveled at American industry. Along the way, Reef describes the artists’ work and provides contextual information about their political activities. She never sensationalizes her subjects’ lives and she has no need to: the real account holds enough drama and excitement. A selection of Kahlo and Rivera’s paintings appears at the back of the book.

The archetype of the mad, brilliant artist appeals to adolescents and adults alike. In Frida and Diego, Catherine Reef has created a captivating young adult biography of two volatile artists that is also a nuanced book about freedom of expression and the nature of love.

-Dorothy A. Dahm


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