The Feline Muse

9780761354727fcScarlatti’s Cat
By Nathaniel Lackenmeyer
Illustrated by Carlyn Beccia
(Carolrhoda Books, 2014, Minneapolis, Minnesota, $16.95)

Today, music lovers remember Italian composer Domenico Scarlatti for his sonatas. One of his most well-known compositions is his Sonata in G Minor, often called “The Cat’s Fugue” because of a story about Scarlatti’s cat Pucinella inspiring the music when she walked on his harpsichord keys. In Scarlatti’s Cat, Nathaniel Lackenmeyer and illustrator Carlyn Beccia imagine how Pucinella might have “composed” the music. Lackenmeyer’s whimsical, understated narrative celebrates both music and feline pluck, while Beccia’s charming illustrations bring readers a playful Pulcinella and the elegance of eighteenth-century Europe. Although Scarlatti’s Cat is a work of fiction, the picture book is a delightful introduction to a composer and a reminder that behind every accomplished human is a very talented cat.

-Dorothy A. Dahm


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